We are known as the "City of Good Neighbors" and we have shown that this week through supporting the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Lead by True Bethel Baptist Church operation H2O was created and Western New Yorkers got together and donated over 100,000 bottles of water and is expected to bring in another 100,000 bottles.

According to Pastor Dareus Pridgen  "This project started with just a Facebook post that resulted in people coming every few minutes to drop off the water."

To get the water shipped to flint and to those who need it most  Pastor Dareus Pridgen  worked with Robert Rich, with Roar Logistics, who helped secure trucks to transport the water.

Today they left Buffalo and took the water to Flint. After dropping the water off at its set destination in Flint Pastor Dareus Pridgen and volunteers decided make a trip to another area of the city. Check out the video below and see exactly what happened


Posted by Darius G Pridgen on Friday, January 29, 2016

 Those who still want to donate can visit this Go Fund Me page and donate money, that will be used to purchase water.

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