No matter what we may think, running a city sure isn’t an easy job (no matter how much we say it is from our armchairs and computer keyboards). Then throw in violence, inflation, failing businesses, and a COVID-19 pandemic, and yeah..that definitely isn’t a job I would want. 

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Obviously, every Western New Yorker has complained about where we live in one form or another. But when our hometown is showcased as being terrible on a national scale? It can be downright embarrassing.

WalletHub just released their list of 2022’s Best-& Worst-Run Cities In America, and a city in Western New York made the cut - but unfortunately, not on the “good” side of the list.

Rochester, New York was named one of the worst-run cities in America.

Our neighbor just down the 90, Rochester, NY, was named by WalletHub as one of the worst-run cities in the country. Out of the 150 major cities WalletHub examined, Rochester ranked #138 - making it the 13th lowest city on the list. In comparison, Buffalo was listed at #127. 

In order to determine the rankings, WalletHub scored each city based on several metrics within six categories: Financial Stability, Education, Health, Safety, Economy, and Infrastructure & Pollution. The low scores that Rochester received in five out of the six categories put it towards the bottom of the list.

Ironically, Rochester did rank first of all 150 cities in the Infrastructure & Pollution category, which was based on things like quality of the roads, average commute time, bike-friendliness, clean water, and Internet access.

Here are how other cities in New York State ranked on the list:

#124 Syracuse

#127 Buffalo

#137 Yonkers

#138 Rochester

#148 New York City

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