The prosecutor who once represented Nipsey Hussle's alleged killer is now defending one of the suspects charged with the murder of Pop Smoke.

On Monday evening (Aug. 24), a rep for the Clara Shortridge Criminal Justice Center confirmed to XXL that attorney Christopher Darden is the defense attorney for Corey Walker, one of Pop Smoke's alleged killers. In addition to representing Walker and Nipsey's alleged killer, Eric Holder, for a short time, Darden was also the famed prosecutor in O.J. Simpson's trial. Walker, 19, and Keandre Rodgers, 18, both appeared in court this morning after being charged with Pop's murder on July 13.

Three days prior to Walker and Rodgers being charged for the Brooklyn drill rapper's death, five people, including the two men, were arrested in connection with the killing. In addition to Walker and Rodgers, the others suspect are 22-year-old Jaquan Murphy and two juveniles, ages 15 and 17. Their names have likely been withheld because they are minors. Murphy was charged with attempted murder while the two minors were both charged with murder and attempted robbery.

Attorney Christopher Darden caught major heat last year when it was revealed that he would be representing Eric Holder, the man accused of killing Nipsey Hussle in March of 2019. A month after joining Holder's legal team, Darden filed a motion to remove himself as Holder's defense counsel. He also announced his withdrawal from the case in a Facebook post.

"You guys have been awfully good to me and my family," he wrote in a portion of the post. "Thank you. I am on my way to appear for the last time in People v. Holder. I filed a Motion to Withdraw from the case. I thought I should tell you, my friends, first & before anyone else. As for my reasons for withdrawing I don’t know whether I will disclose them later or not. I only know that as a lawyer it is my duty to protect the rights of my clients even in the face of threats or angry mobs."

Darden previously agreed to represent Holder in April of 2019, and entered a not guilty plea for Nipey's alleged killer at one of Holder's court appearances.

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