Governor Andrew Cuomo held a Monday morning press conference and gave an update on the COVID-19 pandemic, but also made an important announcement in regards to schools reopening.

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According to Governor Cuomo, schools CAN reopen if the New York State region is in Phase 4 and the daily infection rate is 5 percent or lower, using a 14-day average per WIVB.

However, if the region's infection rate rises over 9 percent (on a 7-day average), after August 1st, then schools must close for at least 14 days.

Once a region meets that formula, then school districts must meet/adhere to state guidelines once they do reopen.

"It's purely on the numbers, purely on the science," Cuomo said.

Some of the safety guidelines from NYS include:

  • Students and faculty wear a mask when social distancing isn't possible.
  • Masks must be worn on buses and other school transportation.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of school buses and other transportation.
  • Temperature screening for students and faculty.

You can read more here.

A full determination of schools will be made by August 1st. New York State school districts are required to submit their reopening plans to the state this month.

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