A private school in New York is pushing to replace "mom & dad" with more inclusive and broader terms.

According to NBC News, The Grace Church School recently released a language guide that mentioned words and phrases that should be avoided if possible. Many are surprised to see that "mom & dad" made the list to be replaced with broader terms like  "grown ups" and even "folks."

The words "mom and dad" are not being banned. However, the school doesn't want students, faculty or parents to make assumptions.

This isn't cancel culture. No one is saying you can't say "mom and dad" anymore.

American culture has changed a lot in recent years and lately it seems like it's been changing every single day. What was appropriate yesterday may not be as accepted today or even tomorrow. Is that really what's happening or were some things never really appropriate to begin with but we've just never noticed or called them out?

Over political correctness and cancel culture is very real and it's a problem.

There have been several things that have been cancelled in recent months that have made me scratch my head but I also think that in recent years we have called out some ideas as a culture and decided that as a majority it's best to move on.

Not everything is being cancelled. This is another one of those instances where we have the chance to skip straight to the outrage (because that seems to be the popular thing to do these days) or we adopt a new pattern of thinking in order to be sensitive and respectful to other children and their families.

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea. Is this another case of political correctness gone too far or are people just looking for outrage? I don't know where you could possibly find an issue with making kids more comfortable in school. I don't see the harm. The school is just suggesting it not punishing you for not doing it. If you can't change out a few words in your vocabulary to make someone not feel like they don't belong then I think you may have the issue.


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