You telling me if I win the lottery in NY everybody will now that I won. So everyone and their mother could ask me for money. This is exactly how it would because  Gov. Andrew Cuomo vetoed a bill that would have allowed all lotto winners to remain anonymous.This  bill was approved in June that would have let those who win a lotto prize of more than $5,000 keep their name secret so Cuomo is saying that that publicly identifying winners keeps the state accountable by ensuring it doesn't pocket any jackpots according to the Buffalo news.

This is what Cuomo had to say about the Veto;

"The presentations and sharing of certain information provides comfort to the general public that there was an actual winner, and the State was not simply adding all the money to its own coffers," Cuomo wrote in his veto message.

There is a way around this law tho lottery winners can keep their name secret under current law: By creating a limited liability company to claim their prize on their behalf.That way, the LLC is named as the winner rather than an individual. Thats exactly what I'm going to do when I win big this weekend. Create a LLC.


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