If you are nudist-curious and are considering trying it out, there are some unwritten rules you should know about first. Most nudist spaces don't allow cameras, obviously, you should respect people's privacy. Also, there's no judgment. While many of us envision nudist resorts as places where people who look like gods and goddesses with chiseled, perfect bodies go to play. When in reality, many of the people who are there have average American bodies. If seeing a bunch of naked people turns you on, keep it to yourself. The places listed below don't promote cruising or other sexual activities. For them, being nude isn't a sex thing. If you're thinking about making nudism a regular part of your life, you might want to join the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Here are 7 places where you can 'do it in the nude' in New York:

***WARNING - The videos below contain nudity (it is blurred), may not be suitable for all viewers or locations, like work

1. Naked in Motion - New York, NY

At Naked in Motion, you can participate in yoga and pilates, while in the nude. I'm going to be honest with you, being behind someone doing a 'downward dog' while they are naked isn't my idea of fun, but there's no judgment here. If it sounds like something you want to try, check out their website.

We aim to hold safer spaces where people can take a collective journey through fear towards self-discovery, compassion, and empowerment. Sick of hating on yourself? Fed up with feeling shame about your body? Tired of being held back by personal and social standards? Ready to open the door to self-kindness and healing? We offer you the opportunity to shed your clothing, and along with it, judgments about your appearance, limiting personal beliefs, and critical self-talk.


Credit: 60 Second Docs via Youtube

2. Empire Haven Nudist Park - Moravia, NY

​​Empire Have offers nudists an opportunity to connect with nature. You'll find rental trailers, cabins, and camping sites, on the 97-acre property, which is 1,600 feet above sea level. There's a pool, hot tub, and sauna. It is open from May through September.

Come experience the fun, the freedom, the relaxation and friends you’re sure to make at Empire Haven! Empire Haven was founded in 1959 and is a family-oriented nudist park located in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

3. Bare Lake Nudist Club - Corning, NY

It is a private nudist club, but it does offer campsite or cabin rentals.

We have a small, private lake where we love to play and relax in the nude, the way nature has intended. There are campsites available or stay in one of our units (new cabin now available!). The fishing is great! Come play in the water, sit by the fire, drink some wine.....Everyone is welcome here!


Credit: Natural Vanguard via Youtube

4. Full Tan Sun Club - Sprakers, NY

Full Sun has been in operation as a nudist campsite since 1968. It offers camping sites and even has its own Barely There Cafe.

When you come to visit with us, we’ll help you explore the many reasons why clothes-free recreation at a nudist camp is becoming one of the most popular trends of our time. But, it comes down to this... Something magical happens to our guests when they take off their clothes: they put on a smile! Shed your clothes and your stress!

5. Skinny Dip Falls - Westfield, NY

Skinny Dip Falls is located in Chautauqua County. While the whole area is not nudist-friendly, there is a designated swimming hole and sunbathing spot for people to get naked.

After viewing First Falls return to Chautauqua Creek and continue heading downstream. Soon you will see a boulder on the western creek bank with "Nudist Area Next One Mile" painted on it in yellow. This marks the start of the official nudist area in the Chautauqua Gorge. A second red painted boulder is found on the eastern creek bank in a short distance. Be prepared to possibly see naked people sunning themselves or swimming in pools below one of the small waterfalls encountered before reaching Skinny Dip Fall.


Credit: WNY News Now via Youtube

6. Steph's Pond - Williamson, NY
If nudist resorts had a VIP area, it seems like it would be Steph's Pond. Its website is pretty bare (pun intended) and doesn't seem as inviting as the others. It's probably for good reason, as it states that Steph's is very exclusive,

This business is family, couples and friends ONLY.

7. Beach G (Gunnison Beach) - Highlands, NJ

While technically in New Jersey, Gunnison Beach is only an hour's drive from Manhattan. You don't have to go naked there, but if you want to bare it all, you certainly can.

In 1999, New Jersey passed a law that allows municipalities and counties to prohibit all types of nudism on state or local beaches in their jurisdiction. Gunnison Beach, however, is on land owned and managed by the federal government and therefore is not subject to state or local regulations. As a result, Gunnison became the only legal nude beach in the state. Gunnison is the largest clothing-optional recreation area on the East Coast. ~ Wikipedia


Credit: BEACH VIBE via Youtube

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