New York lawmakers have passed the bill to legalize marijuana and it is expected that Governor Andrew Cuomo will sign it into law. Now, New York is among dozens of other states that have legalized cannabis for recreational adult use. For now, here are just a few things you should know before you can legally use the drug.

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New Yorkers won't be able to buy marijuana here in the state, there are still some rules that need to set-up around sales and a proposed cannabis board. Right now, it looks like it will be closer to 18 months before anyone could legally sell marijuana. Some of the things you could expect will include, penalties for possession of fewer than three ounces of cannabis will be eliminated, and expunge records of people with past convictions of marijuana-related offenses.

This bill will set up loans, grants, and incubator programs to encourage people to participate in the cannabis industry. People from minority communities, as well as farmers, women, and disabled veterans. local governments will be able to opt-out of retail sales. New Yorkers will be able to grow up to three mature and three immature plants for personal consumption.

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I feel that these incentives for people to get into the industry along with all of the benefits that will go along with the new bill is going to be a great way to continue improving our local economy. I'm looking forward to seeing the number of businesses that will be founded because of the legalization of marijuana for adults.

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