We've been there done that...Trading Jack Eichel that is.  But now that he might be on the market, team fanbases around the NHL are saying that they don't want him.

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Here in Buffalo, the Jack Eichel trade is the gift that keeps on giving.  Fans continue to roast him long after he left town, and he is now easily the sports world's public enemy number one here in Western New York.

The hot rumor around the league today is that Eichel may be on his way out of Vegas, as the Golden Knights have their sights set on Matthew Tkachuk.  With the horrendous salary cap situation the Knights left themselves in after obtaining Eichel, there is almost no feasible way they could keep him on their roster, and trade for Tkachuk.

Tkachuk's situation in Calgary has gone sour.  The problem is that Tkachuk is coming off a career-best season in which he scored 42 goals and 104 points in 82 games, adding 10 points in 12 playoff contests. Now, he is looking to cash in with an 8-year extension.  The Flames have said no to that, so a trade is the most likely scenario.

Enter the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Although it seems a longshot for the Knights to obtain Tkachuk, if they were to move Eichel out of town, it just might happen as Tkachuk has Vegas on his list of teams that he would accept a trade to.

Fans around the league have picked up on this rumor, and are loudly letting the world know that they want no part of the one-time Buffalo Sabres captain.

Meanwhile, in Vancouver, there is no interest in an Eichel/Tkachuk swap.

And even the little ones are hip to hating on Eichel...

And this one just about sums it all up...The Gift that keeps on Giving.

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