It's sad to have to post this! When, if ever, will we receive justice?

Sandra Bland Pic

According to CNN, after 8 hours of deliberating, a grand jury will not indict anyone for the death of Sandra Bland!! Sandra died while in police custody. She was found dead in her cell three days after she was arrested for allegedly failing to use her turn signal on July 10. Many questions about her death were raised after she appeared dead already her "mugshot." There was never a profile pic, standard mugshot procedure, of Sandra produced by the police department! Officials in Waller County, Texas, claim that the 28-year-old hanged herself with a plastic bag in her jail cell. In my opinion, this news is the latest in what seems to be a full-blown assault on African-Americans' right to live through confrontations with police and the "justice system!" It's systematic! Where is the justice?

Look at how differently the cop treated her. SMH!

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