A South New Jersey kindergarten teacher was suspended after an incident on September 30, 2013, in which she walked into the bathroom and caught two of her students naked "having sex". The two students, both 5 years old, were naked in the restroom, and when asked what they were doing, they said they were "having sex".

Teacher Kelly McIntyre Mascio reported the incident as per school rules; however, she was still suspended and may be fired for failing to supervise her students. New Jersey police have not charged her with any crime as of today.

A district must submit an application to terminate a teacher through the state Department of Education. However, school officials are looking to terminate her employment. A debate is now being brought to light on whether she deserves to be fired for the incident. School officials said the day was very busy and hectic, as they were doing testing, and Mascio had to take students in and out of the testing site and their classroom.

Do you think that she deserves to lose her job? Or does the madness of a classroom at test time warrant her keeping her job?

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