Fresh off of announcing a joint tour with Future, Nicki Minaj shares a brand new single with her longtime collaborator and friend Lil Wayne titled "Rich Sex."

Ironically, the song also shares the same title as one of Future's hit songs from his album, DS2. On the new track, Nicki and Weezy spit some hard-hitting verses on the song.

"If you know your pussy worth a Benz truck (rich sex)/Don't let homie fuck unless his bands up (rich sex)/Go to DR get that fat transfer (rich sex)/It ain't such a thing as broke and handsome (rich sex)," Nicki raps on the hook of the track, produced by

"Lil mama said she only fuckin' on a rich dick/I cum in her face and tell her, 'Now you lookin' rich, bitch'/Her friend in the other room, can I get a witness?/We could have some rich sex, cannot have no rich kids/Facts, all my bitches have no limits," Wayne delivers.

In addition to dropping "Rich Sex," Nicki also teased another brand new single called "Bed" with Ariana Grande. The new collab with Ariana will drop this Thursday. Nicki has been previewing some clips of new music with the pop star, so it looks like fans will finally get the new music from the two music divas.

Nicki is continuing to build up hype for her forthcoming album, Queen, for which she unveiled some regal cover art for last week. Unfortunately, the album is experiencing some delays, and will drop Aug.10  instead of its original release date of June 15.

Listen to "Rich Sex" and check out Nicki's announcement of the new song below.

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