Yasmin Young here from the 2 To 6 Takeover here to Spill The Tea on Nicki Minaj poppin' off on Miley Cyrus, Young Dro being accused of stealing a stripper's car and Kevin Gates kicking a female fan for trying to get frisky!

Nicki Minaj Goes OFF On Miley Cyrus

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WOW! I'm not sure if this was a typical MTV VMAs publicity stunt or genuine anger, but whatever it was Nicki Minaj POPPED OFF on Miley Cyrus at last night's show! The two had some words prior to the VMAs over Nicki's Twitter statements about skinny girls being nominated for Video Of The Year, when her video for "Anaconda" wasn't! She already had a little "beef" with Taylor Swift, now this! Check out her rant below!

Young Dro Accused Of Stealing A Stripper's Car, Getting Her Arrested

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TMZ is reporting that Young Dro stole a stripper's car and got her busted! Well, he didn't actually steal it, she allowed him to borrow it, but he allegedly didn't pick up when she was trying to contact him to pick her up from work. When she went outside, she claims cops were surrounding the vehicle after reports that two men were driving the car wildly! Then cops found drugs and a gun in the car, so they arrested her! When she got out, she reported that Dro stole the car and got Dro arrested!

Kevin Gates Kicks A Femal Fan FOr Trying To Get "Frisky"
Black Media Scoop is reporting that Kevin Gates David Beckham'd (kicked the ish outta) a female fan! It happened in Lakeland, Florida after she tried to reach up and grab him! He posted a message on Twitter in response to all the hate he was getting! I mean he kicked her hard as hell!

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