One of our favorite childhood shows “All That” will be making a comeback to Nickelodeon, and Kenan Thompson, who starred on the original show, will serve as an executive producer.

According to Variety, Nickelodeon will revive the show with an all-new cast and expects some of the former cast members to make an appearance on the show as well. The show, which first began in 1994 helped birth the careers of many actors such as Kel Mitchell, Nick Cannon, Amanda Bynes, Lori Beth Denberg, of course, Kenan Thompson and many others.

Kenan expressed his excitement for the show’s revival and said, “It means everything to me. It was my first job that I ever had. It gave me an opportunity.”

Brian Robbins, the president of Nickelodeon said, “We think there’s a great opportunity to find the next pool of stars. We want to bring the show back in a real fun way. This summer, we are going to bring back a lot of the original cast and the cast through the years, and let them introduce the new cast of ‘All That’ to the world.”

The revival of “All That” is part of the network’s effort to pull from it’s past to help secure the success of its future. According to the site, executives have tested new editions of “Hey Arnold” and “Legends of Hidden Temple.”

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