I KNEW IT!!!, Ain't nobody going to put a diss track about my wife and think I won't try to fight them. This has been on my mind since the song came out, You remember the Mariah and Eminem awkward obsession beef when Em put out the diss record against their "Former Love Life" we all knew it was just a track but we still wanted answers, A lot of people beleive Mariah's Song "Obsessed" was about Eminem because of the male casted in the music video look very similar to Eminem at the time. During all this Mariah was Married to Nick Cannon, now if I was Nick Cannon I would have wanted answer asap! As we waiting there was response from him...UNTIL NOW!

Nick Cannon recently chatted on TI’s podcast he tried to contact Eminem on a few occasions. Writing letters, trying to get in touch with management, until the point he was just ready to put his hands on Em!

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“I probably can’t out-rap you but I’ll beat your a**!”

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