New York State is a pretty good place to live for quite a few different reasons.

Being the home of two great baseball teams, 3 great hockey teams, and one amazing football team are just a few of those reasons. Now if that wasn't enough, there are other reasons someone would want to make the Empire State their home, which of course has to include food, along with all of the great educational opportunities that exist.

Now, while it's not all sunshine and rainbows in New York, there are plenty of good reasons men, women, and families call this place home.

When it comes to families, we have your typical traditional nuclear families that occupy the state, but we also a fair amount of single parent households in New York. For many years, most of those single parent households were lead by women, but according to data from the US Census Bureau, we're starting to see more and more single father households in the state.

Single Father's In New York, By The Numbers

Data collected by the Census Bureau and aggregated by the US Federal Reserve tells a pretty interesting picture. Approximately 20% of single parent households are led by fathers, which has increased from the last census that occurred over a decade ago.

Being that Father's Day is right around the corner, it's make you wonder how the Empire State ranks compared to other states for single dads holding down the family.

What's The Best State For Working Fathers?

WalletHub took a look at the Census data, along with other datasets that were available from the CDC, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other sources to come up with a ranking of the best, and worst, states for single dads across the nation. In total, they ranked 23 different to figure out that Massachusetts is the best state for single dads in the entire country.

The Bay State achieved high marks in different areas surrounding work-life balance, child care options, and the economic opportunities for men.

New Mexico turned out the be the worst state for single dads ranking near the bottom in several of the 23 metrics.

Where Does New York Rank For Working Dads?

The Empire State ranks in a respectable 14th place on the list of 51 States and the District of Columbia.

New York comes up in the top 20% of states when it comes to its healthcare system and work-life balance, but our high taxes and extreme cost of living pulls us down quite a bit compared to other places.

Being that I am a working dad here in New York, I can agree with quite a bit of the results from this survey. You can check out the entire report here.

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