As Western New York braces for another snow/rain/ice storm this Wednesday evening travel around the region could be dicey for commuters.

Winter Storm Landon is expected to bring a mix of snow, rain, and ice to Western New York starting late Wednesday evening through Friday afternoon.

There is a Winter Storm Watch in effect for all of Western New York starting on Wednesday night and will be in place through Friday. This could be elevated to a warning depending on much snow we will actually get.

Right now, Accuweather is predicting at least 9 inches of snow for Western New York, and depending on where you live you could get up to 18 inches.

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The snow mixture is expected to move in late Wednesday evening and start light. We will have anywhere between 2-4 inches of snow for the morning commute on Thursday which isn't too bad. The main issue will be the snow continuing all day on Thursday making the commute home on Thursday afternoon pretty dicey.

We could see 7-14 inches of snowfall during the day on Thursday.

So if you do have to commute to work on Thursday, make sure you are prepared to travel on snowy roads on the way home later that afternoon. Of course, snowplows and salting will be happening during the day which will help the road conditions.

The morning commute on Friday could be better than Thursday afternoon but we could still see snowy road conditions for the ride in.

Today and tomorrow afternoon will be a good time to review everything you have in your vehicle to make sure you are set for some below-average driving conditions.

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