Many restaurants across New York State may have to change their menus if a current bill becomes law. I am quite sure this will get lots of pushback, but I understand that the goal is to educate New Yorkers.

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A bill that has been introduced in the New York State Assembly aims to make certain restaurants around the state provide consumers with nutritional information on their menus. Assembly Bill A6546, which is currently in the Health Committee would make restaurants specify the sugar content of food items,

Requires chain restaurants to display an added sugars warning next to or directly under the name of each food item with high added sugars content wherever such food item is listed on a menu, menu board, or food tag, and by any self-serve dispensing point at which such food item is dispensed.


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I personally support this bill (I know you wanted to know my position on it). I believe the more nutritional information we have about the food we eat, the better off we are. If, after seeing a high sugar warning, you decide you want to eat or drink the product, that's your prerogative. Information like this can help parents decide whether something is appropriate for their child to eat. This information can also help people who are suffering from diabetes or other health ailments. I look at the labels of everything I buy from the grocery store, but when eating out, there isn't as much transparency.

Currently, it is estimated that the average American consumes ∼66 lb of added sugar annually, which translates to 82 g or 19.5 teaspoons daily. ~ National Institutes of Health

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I'm sure the chain restaurants will be putting some big money behind killing this bill. Not only will it expose how much sugar their food and beverages contain, but it will also cost them to change their actual menus. However, when it comes to health benefits, educating people about the amount of sugar they are consuming can make a huge difference. According to the bill,

Sugary drinks contribute to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, in part by leading to weight gain, and are linked to a higher risk of dental cavities. Regularly consuming sugary drinks, seven or more servings per week, is associated with a statistically significant 29 percent increase in risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, compared to consuming one serving per week or less.

If you would like to let the sponsor of this bill know that you support it, click here.

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