Governor Kathy Hochul is warning many New Yorkers that they need to prepare for a massive winter snowstorm this weekend. The storm is expected to bring significant snowfall, mixed precipitation, and high wind gusts starting Friday night through Saturday afternoon.

Major Blizzard Roars Through Chicago Area
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Up to a foot of snow could fall in many parts of the Capital, Mohawk Valley, and North Country regions. Communities along the southern shore of Lake Ontario could get between four and eight inches of snow. Other parts of the state could see several inches of snow and wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour. Travel conditions could become difficult as snow mixes with rain and sleet, reducing visibility

Winter isn't over yet in New York as snow, sleet, freezing rain and high winds are expected to impact most of the state this weekend. State agencies are preparing emergency response assets, and we are ready to assist local governments if necessary. If you must travel this weekend, pay close attention to your local weather forecast and give yourself extra time to reach your destination safely.


How Is New York Preparing For The Snowstorm?

- In preparing for potential power outages caused by the storm, approximately 6,125 utility workers are available statewide to assess the damage and work to repair and restore power.

- The State Department of Transportation has 3,614 supervisors and operators available. All available snow and ice equipment is ready to be deployed. This includes:

1596 large plow trucks
154 medium-duty plows
50 tow plows
340 large loaders
36 snow blowers

- The NY State Thruway Authority has 355 large and medium-duty plow trucks ready to deploy with 680 operators and supervisors available.

You can get more details on the state's preparedness and Gov. Hochul's warning here.

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