Police say a man who had been arrested seven times for crimes he allegedly committed since the New York State Bail Reform were put into place, has been arrested yet again. WETM is reporting that the 41 year-old man's latest arrest came after a stolen vehicle investigation. You'd think he would have learned his lesson the other seven times? Perhaps not.

WETM says the latest incident went down Saturday, as the owner of a vehicle said they had accidently locked their keys in their car which was parked near a mall. When they returned the following morning to the parking lot, they learned that one of the windows had been broken, and the vehicle stolen. The Village of Horseheads Police Department said they later found the vehicle at a nearby gas station. Upon further investigation, they determined that the same suspect had been behind the wheel of the stolen car. Village of Elmira Heights Police arrested the suspect and turned him over to Deputies.

Bail Reform has proven to be a controversial subject, as its opponents say it allows repeat offenders to be released, only to commit the same crimes again. The new reform went into effect in January 2020, and largely did away with cash bail for many misdemeanor and nonviolent felony charges. In April 2020, Governor. Andrew Cuomo amended the law, that allowed judges to set bail for more crimes.

In a somewhat similar story closer to the Hudson Valley, officials say an Ulster County man was actually recently arrested three times in one single day. The 28 year-old suspect's unlucky day started early March 7, and was even arrested twice that day by the same trooper.

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