COVID-19 has really had a terrible impact on so many aspects of our society, from thousands of jobs lost to hundreds of thousands dead from this disease, there are so many things that we need to cope with as a community.

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That's why this new program that was created by the New York State Office of Mental Health, in partnership with FEMA, looks like it could go a long way in helping people recover from the negative effects of the Cornavisur pandemic.

NY Project Hope is a new Crisis Counseling Program that was created to provide support, resources, and education that covers, and provides, a wide range of services to help people deal with the impact of COVID-19. There is a helpline that is staffed by trained professional crisis counselors who are very knowledgeable and can help you cope with just about anything that is happening to you due to COVID-19.

Services are available free to anyone in New York State, and all conversations confidential and services are available anonymously. In addition to the services being available via the Statewide helpline, here in Western New York, there are two Buffalo organizations that are participating in the program and have local professionals available to help: Spectrum Health and Human Services and The Buffalo Urban League.

Both the statewide helpline and the local partners have people available Monday thru Saturday, from 8 A.M. until 7 p.m.

The statewide NY Project Hope helpline number is 1-844-863-9314. You can reach Spectrum Health and Human Services at (716) 566-6506 and you can reach the Buffalo Urban League at (716) 250-2478.

If you are having trouble dealing the negative impacts of COVID-19, help is literally a phone call away.

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