It’s never a good feeling when you get a speeding ticket, and while one should try to avoid the “need for speed,” sometimes that lead foot rears its ugly head (or toe?) aaaandd it leads to a ticket.

If you have recently received a speeding ticket in New York, you already know how much that can cost. There is a cost for the traffic violation, as expected, but that’s not all. Sometimes you have to pay additional surcharges and suffer the consequences of added points to your driving record, and your insurance will most likely increase. 

However, there are ways that you can go about getting a reduction on your speeding ticket.

A speeding ticket varies in cost depending on how fast you were driving, whether it was 5 mph over the speed limit or 15. That can cause a surcharge, and added points to the license also fluctuate depending on how much you were speeding, so it’s important to acknowledge this before going forward with the push of a reduction. 

If you are not a resident of New York when you receive a ticket in the state, your home state or province will be notified of the ticket. If you live in Canada and receive a ticket while across the border, the speeding ticket will be assessed by the Canadian government as if it happened there, according to a New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Sometimes, a speeding ticket can be reduced (or forgiven) if one of these instances have occurred:

  • If you see a mistake on the ticket
  • When you think the police officer is mistaken
  • If you could not see a speed sign due to obstructed view
  • When there is obvious evidence, such as dash cam footage, etc. 

You can see more tips on how to fight a speeding ticket in New York when you click here.

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