The United States House of Representatives finally has a new Speaker of the House, and what is a relatively routine process of setting up Congress after an election, was rife with all sorts of drama this year.

That drama this year even included a fight on the floor of the House, and while this isn't the first time it's taken multiple votes to elect a Speaker of the House, it's the first time in the modern era and many people in the Empire State are wondering how New York's 26 representatives contributed to the process.

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According to a report from the House of Representateives, the last time that it took this long to pick a Speaker of the House was in 1923.

The world was a much different place 100 years ago. New York had 44 Representatives in what was the 68th Congress. Frederick Gillett of Massachusetts served as the Speaker of the House that year and it took 9 separate votes over at least 3 days before he was finally voted into the Speakership.

Now 100 years later, we're seeing some of the same dysfunction that was happening a century ago. It took Kevin McCarthy of California, 15 votes before he became Speaker of the House for the 118th session of Congress.

How Did New York Impact The Votes For Speaker of the House

New York has 26 Representatives and with 15 Democrats and 11 Republicans, the Representatives from New York voted exactly as you may expect they would, right along party lines.

In the 15 different votes, Members of Congress who are Republicans voted for Kevin McCarthy and the Members of Congress who are Democrats voted for New York's Hakeem Jefferies.

Many New Yorkers were hoping that we would see a little more teamwork and bipartisanship, but if what we saw during this vote is any indication of what is to come, then we're in for a whole lot of frustration.

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