In a world where strange news dominates the news cycle, this is probably the strangest I've heard in a long time.  A woman on a flight from Syracuse, New York headed to Atlanta, Georgia was caught trying to breastfeed her hairless cat.  First of all, hairless cats are already creepy in general, but a human woman trying to give one her breast milk on a plane, in public, just takes the cake.  The incident happened on a Delta flight recently.

The Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System sends text messages from pilots to the ground. As you can see from the transmission, the pilot is requesting the assistance of a  "redcoat," which is like a super agent,


"Any problem or situation that comes up, they're prepared to resolve it quickly. Now, through the use of technology and Red Coats, we're able to mitigate the impact to our customers."

It's crazy to me how comfortable people get on airplanes and how many people lose their common courtesy.  Not that you should be breastfeeding a hairless cat or any cat anywhere, but what would make her think that a plane full of people is the appropriate place?  I can only imagine being seated next to this woman.  After gagging and potentially throwing up my $8 bag of airport chips, I would definitely need to be re-seated elsewhere.  All we can hope is that she was actually from somewhere else, visiting New York and not a native New Yorker.

If you are flying this holiday season, let's hope you don't run into someone crazy like that.  Also, check out the food that you can and can't travel with.  Check out this guide with everything you need to know.

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