A map shared on reddit recently claims to show the favorite fast food burger by state.

New York, list all of the Eastern United States chose a hamburger from Five Guys as the state's favorite. Every single state from Michigan, Indiana down through Mississippi and eastward favored the Virginia based chain.

This gets varied a bit in the western United States. Many states chose California’s iconic In-N-Out Burger while Texas based Whataburger dominated the Southwest. Midwest chains Culvers and Steak-n-Shake claimed some upper Great Lakes and Great Plains states.

Dig a little more into the map and you might begin to wonder if this survey is actually rubbish. Consider Illinois chose In-N-Out Burger as their favorite despite not having a chain anywhere within the state or any neighboring state. So what's behind the map? The magazine Mental Floss compiled the map based on an online survey conducted by Ranker.com

How to Make a Roman Burger at Home

The Cleveland area chain Mr. Hero serves a crazy good Italian sub/hamburger combo called the Roman Burger. It didn't make Ohio's top hamburger choice. So here's how to make one at home.

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