It looks like the start of August will be the same as much of July for New York State, hot and dry.

According to New York Governor Kathy Hochul, 21 counties in New York are under a drought watch heading into the month of August.

The "Watch" is the first step to make sure the conditions don't get worst and action will be taken.

The watch was triggered by y the State Drought Index, which takes into consideration the precipitation levels, reservoir and lake levels, groundwater levels, and stream flow into the nine designated drought regions throughout New York State.

The "Watch" has been issued for all regions in Western New York and for part of Long Island.

Looking ahead at the weather it looks like some more rain is expected for Western New York this morning and then again on Thursday, while rain is not expected over the next 7 days in Long Island.

While there are no currently statewide mandatory water use restrictions in place under a drought watch, residents in the areas of the drought watch are asked to watch their water usage to help prevent a worsening of the drought conditions.

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