So, with Donald Trump touching the topics he's been talking about since his presidential campaign started, it seems like people have been adopting his "Anything Goes" approach. Here in Buffalo, NY, we're no strangers to people speaking their mind (see: Racism Is Still Alive and Well in WNY ) but is this sign implying some kind of secret message?

So a predominantly "urban" nightspot underwent a re-branding here in the WNY area, and according to my Facebook, some of the community is questioning what this sign posted out front means...


The sign reads:


I've been to venues where hip hop music wasn't necessarily "promoted" but you always had a bit of it sprinkled in. If the club was promoted to champion another genre, such as Buffalo's First Rock/Disco/House/Pop/Reggae nightclub, wouldn't THAT be your message to your patrons as they walk up? The only thing I gather from the advertising on that sign is that if I'm a fan of hip hop music, I'm not welcome.

I don't know, maybe I'm crazy, but this just reeks of something other than a disdain for hip hop and rap music. I understand that a business builds their brand according to their ideals and values, but as a community where do you think the line needs to be drawn? Do you feel like the rap/hip hop crowd deserves this kind of treatment? The last time I checked, I recall hip hop being one of the more popular genres in this country, crossing age, race and gender lines, or do you think this is a sign of a deeper issue here in Western NY?

Feel Free to drop your 2 cents...

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