From the Eastern tip of Long Island to Niagara Falls in Western New York, there were 180 different state parks that you could visit in New York State.  Today, that list grew by one.

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This afternoon Governor Kathy Hochul announced the latest addition to New York's already extensive list of state parks.  New York, which holds the distinction of housing the oldest state park in the United States in Niagara Falls, announced the addition of Sojourner Truth State Park.

The new State Park planned for more than 500 acres of former industrial property along the Hudson River, is named after the 19th century African American abolitionist and suffragist Sojourner Truth and was dedicated today in recognition of Black History Month and Women's History Month.  This will be the first State Park in the City of Kingston.

Governor Hochul spoke earlier at the site of the new park and said:

We honor someone who is known for her fight for Civil Rights and for Women's Rights. Sojourner Truth literally grew up or lived seven miles from here. So this is very appropriate that people will come to this park and certainly the locals know her story. [Her] incredible resiliency and grit and tenacity.

The 520-acre riverfront park located in the city of Kingston along the Hudson River is the first new New York state park to be added since 2019. The land was a former industrial site, which included cement storage silos used during the mid-1900s when Portland Cement had manufacturing facilities on the site.

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