Police Departments all over the United States have been under intense scrutiny as of late, with the numerous accounts of alleged excessive use of force by police officers. Back in 2008 in Buffalo, Officer Cariol Horne lost her job for intervening when her partner was using excessive force.

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According to WIVB, Mayor Byron Brown signed in a new law, "Duty to Intervene" this law reiterates a Buffalo Police officer's responsibility to intervene, in cases where they believe another officer is out of line or acting inappropriately.

According to WIVB, Mayor Brown said,

In a society governed by laws it is vital that everyone understands that no one is above the law, not even police officers. The Duty to Intervene requirement, mandated by the Department's Manual of Procedures as well as provisions of the state and federal law, is now being futher reinforced as fundamental principle to our City's approach to police reform, as well as improving the public's level of trust and understanding of how the Buffalo Police Department functions.

Credit WIVB, Cariol Horne said.

With Cariol's Law, officers will no longer be able to stand by or participate in police brutality, officers who intervene will be protected.

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