Giving young ladies a feeling of empowerment and encouraging them to be confident in the way they look and feel every day is extremely important, especially in this day and age in my opinion. According to WIVB, there is a new exhibit in the Buffalo Central Library, "The Black Doll Exhibit" which will showcase Black and Latina beauty.

This is an initiative to give young girls of color examples of local and national leaders who may inspire them through-out their childhood as they look toward the future. There has been a really big focus on keeping children mentally and physically fit as of late and in my opinion, this is another great way of inspiring young ladies mentally, by showing them there are people of color that hold high positions in today's society.

It allows little girls to look at dolls, Objects that they play with that they admire but look at dolls and appreciate dolls that look like them. A little girl always thinks their baby doll is beautiful. So I want to put forth baby dolls that are black and beautiful.

Said, Erie County legislature Chair, April Baskin, according to WIVB

The exhibit will be on display on the first floor of the Buffalo Central Library through March 27, I'm looking forward to visiting the exhibit with my daughter, like many parents, our house is full of dolls, and she knows every dolls name, birthday and, anything else little girls think of for their babies.

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