Are people always accusing you of being racist? Do you wish you could get credit for all the non racist things you do; like voting for a black politician or going on a date with a person of another race? If so, then you need the all new iNotRacist app to prove once and for all that you are NOT a racist!!

Youtube: Above Average : iNot Racist App
Youtube: Above Average : iNot Racist App

After reading the comments, most white people found the video below "hilarious" and actually went to the app store to see if it was available for purchase! Most of the minorities who watched this video had trouble finding the funny in this sensitive subject matter. Most jokes that get an good laugh are those rooted in truth right??

Watch for yourself then let me know what you think about the iNotRacist App.

The app and the fundraising campaign is a fake, but the irony is that there are a lot of people out there who would actually use the iNotRacist app! The promotional video shows that you can "compete with friends and family to see who is the least racist" and "Connect with other non-racist people".

My problem with this video is that it claims that a person can "not be a racist" if they do something nice with or for a person of another race. But that's called being a decent human being!

The definition of a RACIST is: a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
A racist white person can open the door for a black person and still believe that the white race is superior!

When you walk around in life calculating all the good things you do with or for another person while paying special attention to what color that person's skin is, you are missing the whole point of doing the good deed in the first place!! Only when we become a truly color blind society will racism disappear. But as long as we continue to characterize each other as "this black lady at the store" or "that white dude at the club" we will continue to feed into the divide and conquer battle strategy that the "Powers that Be" have set up to make the rich richer, the poor poorer, and the middle class dissolve.

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** Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece about a satirical video I found on YouTube: Above Average.

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