Nelly's October 2017 rape case may have been dropped by prosecutors, but now photo and video evidence from the night the alleged incident took place in Washington has been revealed.

TMZ has released photos taken during the police investigation, which include pictures of Nelly's clothing as well as those belonging to victim Monique Greene. Authorities also released pictures from the scene of the tour bus. The images display Nelly's bed inside the vehicle, where the rape allegedly took place.

There is also surveillance footage taken from that night, which shows both Nelly and Greene leaving a Seattle nightclub together then climbing onto the rapper's tour bus, located in a parking lot. Later on, the video shows her leaving the bus at the spot where she made the phone call to report the rape to authorities.

The investigation also includes documents that recount both Nelly and Greene's sides of the story, which seem to be quite different from one another. While the rapper admits to having unprotected sex with Greene, he says that it was consensual, as she removed her clothing herself. He says that she only got upset once she accused him of being involved with one of his dancers on the bus.

Greene, on the other hand, claims that he forcefully removed her clothing, threw her onto the bed and had forcible sex with her for 30 minutes. She was later pushed off the bus by someone on Nelly's team before he threw a $100 bill at her. Nelly confirms handing her $100.

While the case has been dropped by prosecutors since Greene refused to testify, she has since filed a lawsuit against the veteran hitmaker for sexual assault and defamation. While Nelly previously vowed to countersue her, he has yet to file any lawsuits against her.

See surveillance footage of the 2017 incident below.

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