I've been listening to Najee's music for years; I've seen him in person several times, and I thought I was the ultimate Najee Fan, but during an interview I did with him yesterday, I asked what I thought would possibly generate a quick answer and then we;'d keep it moving.  I asked Najee if he had ever had any encounters with Michael Jackson or Prince.  The expectation was for him to say he met either of them very briefly, at some point in his legendary career, however, his response was a bit more lengthy.  Najee immediately, and to my surprise began to tell me a story, relative to Prince (The Artist at the time), that resulted in him actually touring with Prince (The Artist) for 3 years.  Najee also shared that he had many Jam Sessions with Prince and record a little known album with Prince called, 'The Rainbow Children'.

Below is the portion of my interview with Najee telling his 'Prince Story', also a link to a video of a concert Najee performed with Prince, as well another link to music from 'The Rainbow Children' album ... an album I actually own that always struck me as having many Christian overtones.  It's one of Prince's Greatest Works in my opinion.


Najee In Concert w/ Prince:


The Rainbow Children CD:

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