The 716 / Buffalo Music scene has been buzzing crazy in 2015 so much that Finally people are starting to really support the great talent that is birthed from Buffalo, NY. T. Dot has just shown why he will be part of the reason the whole world will soon know just how talented Buffalo NY is with the release of his short film "Winter In Buffalo". The quality of this film is immaculate and the story line catches your attention from the very beginning because this type of thing happens all the time in the world we live in today where you have to make hard choices feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. The actual song to theis short film is a perfect match to and if you actually take the time to listen to the words and understand the picture he is painting this work of art means much more. I Salute T, Dot for being different doing something different with his music and taking a different approach to catch the fans attention. Make sure you watch, share

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