This is difficult because I want to support Tyler Perry, based upon his story and where he came from and what he's gone through in life, but BOO 2 is SO BAD that I feel obligated to avoid you getting used and bamboozled like I was last night....OMG!!!!!

I hate to think that Tyler Perry KNOWS this movie is TERRIBLE, but knows people will see it because it has the name 'MADEA' attached, but that's how I am left feeling.  There is no way (in my opinion) that Tyler Perry (as talented as he is) could not recognize that this "made for TV movie (at best) is NOT GOOD...and that's an UNDERSTATEMENT!

I thought 'Happy Death Day' would go down in my mind as the Worst Movie In The World ... but then I saw BOO 2 :(.  Ironically, both movies have won at the Box Office within the past two weeks.

Here's what one responder said in response to my FB Post regarding this NIGHTMARE OF MOVIE:


Here's how 'Movie Ratings Website' - rated BOO 2:


I would post the 'Boo 2' Movie Trailer here but I'm so pissed off at this movie and Tyler Perry that I REFUSE.  I would advise the MOST you do regarding this movie is RELUCTANTLY watch the movie Trailer and leave it at that...don't even waste your time and money when it comes out for RENT!

If You've seen the movie, tell me if you agree with me below in the comments section!