This past weekend we celebrated all things Buffalo on 716 Day and there are many ways to celebrate the 716.

From eating wings to watching a Buffalo Bills playoff win over New England replay, to going out and enjoying the sun on the shores of Lake Erie, Buffalonians celebrated all that is good about Western New York.

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We asked people from all around Western New York to write the "Most Buffalo" sentence that they could think of. Many of them included food, sports, and beer and that really doesn't surprise us at all.

Check out the 7 Most Buffalo Sentences that you will read today.

Erin Moran-Span wrote - "Yous guys wanna go down to the crick?"

Karen Gole wrote -  "I went to the Broadway market to buy pierogi on my way home from Chef’s."

Kristen Daly-Zawadzki wrote - “We loaded up the folding table, stopped at Tim’s on the way. Parked in the hammer lot at the Ralph. Go Bills”

James Anthony wrote - "Yous guys want some Loganberry with your La Nova pizza? Bills game is on and I gotta speed down the 90 to go pick the food up."

Stephanie Lucas-Johnson wrote - "I drove on the skyway to smell cheerios on my way to get my chicken wings with Rooties blue cheese and watch the Buffalo Bills."

Amy Beth wrote - "I took the 190 to the 90, went to the harbor for a sabers game, had a Labatts, the taking the skyway down 5 to watch the bills play"

Shane Potoczak wrote - "I drove down the 33, because I wanted to stop at Charlie the Butcher for roast beef on weck." have to love living here in Buffalo.

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