As we talk about the importance of small businesses it is important to remember how essential barbershops and salons are, in my opinion, let's face it, when they were down we all were looking like a hot mess. Now, I know the person reading this article is probably not a burglar, but if there is anything we can do as a community to help curb this recent activity, I'm sure our local barbershop and salon owners, would appreciate it.

According to WGRZ, Buffalo Police are investigating two recent burglaries at two salons in the city. One of the burglars at one of the locations, got creative and turn the power off to the building and broke the front glass, and managed to get away with over $3000.00 worth of supplies and equipment.

When you lose something, if you break something, its an inconvenience, but for someone to come in and violate your space that you worked so hard to maintain with all the COVID shutdowns, we're already at a deficit with the number of people that we could accommodate.

said, Steven Daniels, according to WGRZ,

There has been a rash of break-ins lately, another barbershop that I was a customer of was just recently broken in as well. They are easy targets because overall, most of them don't have very high-tech security systems.

According to WGRZ, Buffalo Police said, the Rust Belt Barbarbering and Salon on Elmwood was also a target causing $500.00 of damage and burglars took more than $2500.00 in equipment and electronics

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