We have been enjoying some amazing summer weather, so this is great news!  Miss Buffalo is back on the water again, but there are some changes you should know about.

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I have been wanting to get back out on the water, so I might just have to cross my fingers, wear my mask and say a prayer. We all know that this beautiful weather only lasts so long in Buffalo, so I do want to enjoy some of it before the snow comes back.

Buffalo Harbor Cruises has started Miss Buffalo Cruise tours, according to WIVB. There are some changes to make note of, including the reduction in capacity. Normally, the ship holds 185 people, but now, it will only allow 80 people on any given cruise. Masks will be required of guests up until you find a nice socially distanced spot to stay in.

“We ask that they wear masks when they go into the ticket booth, when they get in line and board the vessel, but once they get to a spot where they’re safely socially distance from everybody else they can take off their mask if they feel comfortable.” ~ Ryan Hayhurst, President of Buffalo Harbor Cruises, via WIVB

Changes to Buffalo Harbor Cruises include:

- Guests need to wear masks at ticket booth, in line and anywhere on the boat, where they can't socially distance
- Capacity is less than half of normal
- Tables have been removed, to allow for 6-foot spacing, so seating will be more limited
- Staff members will be wearing masks the entire time
- Dancing close may not be permitted
- There is signage reminding guests to socially distance

Tickets for the 21 or older TGIF Happy Hour cruise on Friday start at $25. Tickets for the 21 or older Sunset Cruise on Fridays and Saturday start at $29. You can get ticket and more information on Buffalo Harbor Cruises' website.

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