New York and along with 13 other states increased their minimum wage today. It seems States have to act more often regarding wages since the Federal government wage hasn't increased since 2010.

The wage increases, by State, breakdown like this:

* Alaska: $9.75/hour.

* Arkansas: $8/hour.

* California: $10/hour.

* Colorado: $8.31/hour.

* Connecticut: $9.60/hour.

* Hawaii: $8.50/hour.

* Massachusetts: $10/hour.

* Michigan: $8.50/hour.

* Nebraska: $9/hour.

* New York: $9/hour ($9.75 for fast food workers).

* Rhode Island: $9.60/hour.

* South Dakota: $8.55/hour.

* West Virginia: $8.75/hour.

* Vermont: $9.60/hour.

Also quite a few cities have increased the wage inside their city limits too: Seattle is going to use a slide scale hourly minimum that goes between $10.50 and $13. The rate in SF and LA are going to increase starting in July with the final rate going to $15 an hour.

What do you think about this? Do you support a Minimum Wage? Is it too low? Too High? Should we get rid of it all together?

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