In their win over the Bills Sunday, once again it was proven why they don't deserve anything good, ever.

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The Buffalo Bills lost fair and square to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Can't take that away. 21-19 was the final on a day the Bills were decimated by injuries and, apparently, dehydration. Can someone please get with the training staff so that next time the BIlls play in hot weather Stephon Diggs can not cramp up every other play? Still, that's pro sports and a loss is a loss, and a win is a win.

Then again, sometimes you just need to stay toxic.

First there was Tua getting hit and clearly having an issue, which you can see here. They claim he had a back problem. Seems suspect.

Then there was one of the Dolphins purposely kicking Josh Allen: CLICK HERE. This is just bush league garbage.

Add in the offseason where Miami illegally tampered with a  player under contract, more than once, and lost a first-round pick among other things for that debacle: CLICK HERE. That player? Tom Brady. They wanted Brady, not Tua.

Plus you just have the history of the Dolphins. Yeah, they went undefeated and were dominant in the 70s. That's where it ends. This was a team that wasted Dan Marino. Needed a gimmick to win games in the 2000s with the Wildcat, and has a fan base that is so fair-weather it sometimes makes Jacksonville look good.

Bills Mafia has given Tua a hard time in recent weeks. Mostly because Dolphins fans have been taking shots using Tua's break-out performance the week prior to comparing him to Josh Allen.

For the record, there is no comparing the 2. The Dolphins may have won this game but there's no denying Josh Allen is a better QB. The back and forth lead to a lot of people getting on Tua about his arm strength, like this: CLICK HERE.

Here's the thing: after this moment yesterday:

... and the Dolphins' lack of keeping Tua safe, plus their lack of interesting him even being their QB in favor of Tom Brady, it just shows that they don't deserve him.

This was a class act by Tua yesterday. He does get it. You have to respect this, Bills fans. What we don't have to respect are the Dolphins and their irresponsible organization.

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