The person voted to have the best smile and the winner of the $300 VISA gift card is...

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Congratulations to the winner... Felicia Marrero, who won with 28.81% of the vote!

24. Felicia Marrero

Felicia won a $300 Visa gift card, courtesy of Hennessy. Never stop. Never settle. Always enjoy Hennessy responsibly.

Credit: Hennessy US via Youtube

Hennessy celebrates those who never stop and never settle in their never-ending pursuit of greatness. Maurice Ashley LIVES HIS PASSION. Through his love of Chess, he made history in 1999 as the world’s first Black Grandmaster. An inspiring story of intellect and brilliance, his ability to push the potential of his own mind to new levels of greatness is universally inspiring. Visit to learn more about Maurice Ashley. In the world of the mind, there are no limits. Hennessy. Never stop. Never settle.


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