Every month on The Go Getta Mix I feature a new DJ who is a true Go Getta. For the month of June the featured DJ is DJ Sight from Rochester, NY. Check out my DJ.....

Joshua “DJ Sight” Martin has created quite a name for himself in his hometown of Rochester, NY. He has experience in deejaying at radio stations, clubs, and parties; DJ Sight has also used his talents to begin producing his own beats and to create and host more than 20 R&B and hip hop mix tapes. All of this experience gave DJ Sight the versatility he needed to be able to mix and blend various genres of music Including- R&B, hip hop, pop, top 40, reggae, and rap.

While growing up in Rochester, New York DJ Sight was initially introduced to the art of deejaying by his best friend’s older brother. In 1995 at the age of only 14, Sight decided that it was time to give deejaying a try. Sight started out studying and imitating the tricks that he would see on Run DMC battle tapes; With consistent practice Sight gained the confidence he needed to battle other local deejays. 1996 proved to be a big year for Sight as he met local college DJ Chris G who introduced him to radio at 89.7 WITR fm, as well as his mentor Dorian Hall, who taught him how to mix, blend, flash, and scratch records. By early 1997, Sight began interning at the local college radio station 88.5 WRUR fm; in the next year he had acquired his own afternoon show at the station. Once he had proven himself worthy, the station also gave him the Saturday night underground hip hop show.

In 2000 DJ Sight entered the local club scene. With his success in deejaying at both the radio station and local clubs, Sight was able to gain a host crucial networking connections. It was with these connections that Sight was able to focus on creating a name for himself in the underground hip hop scene in Rochester by creating his first mix tape featuring local rap artists;  Within the next three years he was able to create and release seven more mix tapes. During this journey, DJ Sight decided to try his luck in producing his own beats as well. In 2004, he began to slow down on deejaying and re-focus himself in order to nurture his interest in producing more beats; Two years later he moved to Brooklyn, NY in hopes that his production career would take off.
In 2008 DJ Sight would find himself back in his home town with new knowledge of the deejaying and production industries, as well as with a new ambition to match. It was then that his long time friend and musician, Nick McGowan also known as Nikal Fieldz, encouraged him to get back into the local club scene. Not long after that DJ Sight joined forces with Team Invasion Promotions, where he would gain Sunday nights at Club Network, Saturday nights at Club Tribeca, and a night at Liquid Night Club as well. In the meantime, he had not given up his love or drive to create mix tapes. Sight began to create what turned into a series of mix tapes entitled “Substance Abuse” which he diligently passed out at the club events and parties that he deejayed.

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