We want to recognize student athletes who represent their schools in a positive way! This week we celebrate, Kevin Suttles III, a student athlete who has sportsmanship, is willing to help their teammates, is dedicated, has pride in themselves and their school and maintains their grades!

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  • Kevin Suttles III

    King Center Charter School

    Kevin a 7th grade student at king Center Charter, who participates in FOUR sports - Football, Basketball, Track and Field, Swimming!! "Kevin is one of the sweetest and coolest 13-year-old I know. He work hard in the classroom and on the field. Kevin began playing Football at the age of 6 (which started his love for sports). Kevin has been a member of the Beast Elite Ducks for quite a few years now. Kevin had the opportunity to go to nationals in Florida in which he came home with a championship ring. During off season Kevin is a member of his school basketball team where he plays small forward. His average per game is 15-20 points. Kevin also is a member of his schools track and field team. Kevin also began playing AAU Basketball this year as well. During Kevin's down time he is an active member in his church, where he sings in the youth choir. He is a huge help at home, helping his 8 yr old brother every night with his homework before he begins his. Kevin is truly my MVP." Congrats Kevin!! Don't stop!!

  • Ely-Jay Maye

    Geraldine J. Mann Elementary School

    Ely-Jay is a Kindergarten student who participates in wrestling at Geraldine J. Mann Elementary in Niagara Falls! He's making moves at such a young age, so today, we salute this young man as the Real MVP!!

  • Roburt Welch

    St. Francis High School

    Roburt is a senior at St. Fancis, who plays basketball, track and AAU basketball! " Roburt Welch is a true example of a young man of God he studies his believing and teaching at Grace Tabernacle on William and Madison under the direction of Pastor Richardson he's an active member of the churches Summer Vacation Bible School for the Youth which gives them somewhere and something to do while learning about God in the summer during non-active hours. He is also a senior at st. Francis High School and is a member of the high Honors Society currently carries a perfect 100 math score! If you follow high school basketball you know that this was an historic past season for the boys st. Francis High School varsity team they defeated Park School 3 times while having the best record the school has had in over 20 years and making it all the way to the championship game which was held at Canisius College versus Canisius High School in which they lost. Rob anchor the team thr ew out a lot of the season and he averaged 18 points in the playoffs 10 rebounds. He is also a second-year track runner for the boys varsity track team at st. Francis in his first year as a junior running track he qualified for the all Catholics in all three of his events high jump triple jump and the long jump. He lives by the mantra hard work beats Talent when Talent fails to work hard and that goes to the 6s he has had not only in the classroom but also in his Athletics as he knows who is the head of it all and it continues to outwork all in front of him as he trains at 5 a.m. daily in the morning with this trainer Jason Rowe who is the guy in the middle in the picture. Rob's dedication and hard work has earned him 15 College acceptance from Hofstra Binghamton University Colgate University Pratt Institute in Brooklyn Hilbert College medaille college pitt-bradford Clarkson University Paul Smith College to name a few." Keep up the great work Roburt!

  • Kylah Holka

    Edward Town Middle School

    Kylah is an 8th grade student, who participates in wrestling at Edward Town. "Kylah is as a 13-year-old girl who attends the 8th grade at Edward Town Middle School and maintains an A/B average. She has been wrestling since she was 7-years-old and has made several accomplishment in this sport such as state and national titles and all while wrestling mostly boys. Kylah got sick about a year and a half ago and almost lost her life and fought long and hard to get back on the mats. She was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease which caused long term health issues such as arthritis and debilitating migraines, but Kylah continues to beat the odds and not give up on her dreams or let her teammates down, whether she's in pain or not. She is a role model and inspiration to many young girls trying to overcome adversity especially in a predominantly male sport, and she does is with great sportsmanship, she wins as gracefully as she losses and takes pride in what she does and i s always willing to lend a hand or offer advice to a fellow wrestler or anyone who needs her. She currently wrestles for NWAA who is ranked #1 in the section 6 division and also wrestled on the modified wrestling team for school being the only girl on the team, she has also wrestled with the tri-state warriors girls nationals travel team and has many opportunities waiting for her over the course of the next few yrs, as she continues on the path to achieve her goal of being on the women's Olympic wrestling team some day." Continue to represent Kylah, you are the REAL MVP!

  • Logan Haseley

    Harry F. Abate

    Logan participates in Wrestling, Football, Baseball and MMA! "Logan is an Honors student, he maintains high grades and he is a role model for his younger peers, always willing to help & guide. He practices 4-6 days a week while he continues to keep high grades & excel in all his sports!" Keep being an amazing student athlete Logan!!

  • Cortez Bradberry Jr.

    Niagara Falls High School

    Cortez is an 11th grade student at Niagara Falls HS, who is a bowling champ!! "Cortez is ranked #2 in the Niagara Frontier Bowling League (NFL). He holds the highest average for the Niagara Falls High School Boys Bowling Team with a 212.5. He received the All Star Award and the Scholar Athlete Award for his over all grade point average of 91. He is currently on honor roll." He is definitely "on a roll" lol! Keep being amazing Cortez, you are the real MVP!

  • Avion Harris

    Niagara Falls High School

    Avion is a 9the grade student at Niagara Falls High School, who plays basketball! "Avion is a honor roll student at Niagara Falls High School. He holds a 94 average and plays basketball for NFHS and also AAU. Avion puts God before all and family second then school and lastly B-ball." Keep being an amazing student, person and athlete Avion!!

  • Joshua Cooper

    Lockport High School

    Josh is a 9th grader at Lockport HS, who plays basketball and football. "Joshua Cooper is good at what he does. His shots are ridiculous and win or lose he always shows support. In football Joshua runs yards just to get a touchdown for his team. Josh is very supportive and should be one of the MVP athletes!" We love to honor athletes who are great at what they do, but also show sportsmanship! You are the real MVP Josh!

  • Jamyra Green

    East Middle School

    Jamyra is an 8th grade student at East Middle in Cheektowaga, who plays basketball! "Jamyra Green has been a honor roll student since kindergarten. She is in the 8th grade taking 9th grade courses, maintaining a 93 GPA, while on the basketball team. She is fluent in Spanish, all while being partially blind in 1 eye. She is an outstanding daughter and roll model to her 3 little sisters."

  • Amarfio Reynolds

    Maple Avenue School

    Amarfio is a 6th grade student athlete who participates in wrestling, football, boxing and baseball at Maple Avenue School in Niagara Falls! "Amarfio Reynolds is a straight A student and picked by teachers as a great role model. He trains for his sports with his heart and always gives his all. Wrestling is his favorite because it's you against your opponent and the outcome depends on you!"

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