We want to recognize student athletes who represent their schools in a positive way! This week we celebrate, Antwain Gandy-Benevides Jr., a student athlete who has sportsmanship, is willing to help their teammates, is dedicated, has pride in themselves and their school and maintains their grades!


  • Antwain Gandy-Benevides Jr.

    Niagara Catholic Jr./Sr. High School

    Antwain is an 8th grade football player at Niagara Catholic Jr./Sr. High School! "Antwain is one exceptional young man. He is very involved with volunteering in his neighborhood. Throughout the summer he spent his spare time cutting grass for three elderly women. He is currently Captain of his undefeated Cataract Eagles with a record of 8-0. He was just awarded Defensive MVP and plays RB/MLB. His team is currently in the Pop Warner playoffs with two wins away from playing on ESPN in Disney. His accomplishments on and off the field truly makes me one proud father!"

  • Treston White

    Lockport High School

    Treston is a senior at Lockport High, who participates in volleyball and track! "Treston was named to the NFL Team in 2014/15 volleyball Treston has played varsity volleyball for 3 years Indoor Track Last Season Tres broke the school record for the 300 meter dash and his 4 x 200 broke the school record Outdoor Tres has ran outdoor track for 5 years he is currently ranked 2nd in the State and 61st in the nation he has been to nationals 2 years in a row, where he came in 3rd place running emerging elite and his relays finishing 2nd for smr and dmr finishing 4th last year emerging elite."

  • Jahlel St.John

    Kenmore West

    Jahlel is a senior, who plays football at Kenmore West! "Jahlel is an all-star and dedicated to his sports and schooling. He is a team player and works hard to maintain a 4.0 GPA all throughout high school. He deserves the best that life has to offer him. Jahlel is an honor student who is looking forward to college to become a lawyer. And regardless what obstacles life may throw his way he overcomes them and never lets anything stand in the way of him accomplishing his goals. He has a great father and step mother who helps keep him focused. He has developed friendships that are loyal and loving his coaches admire his work ethic in classes and on the field. He will always be my MVP."

  • Stephan Parker

    Cheektowaga Central High School

    Stephan is a 12th grade student at Cheektowaga Central, where he plays football! "His the best running back out right now."

  • William McDougald

    Niagara Falls High School

    William is a 9th grade student athlete at Niagara Falls HS, who participates in JV Football and Varsity Wrestling. "He is a out standing student and he has broken the world record for being a 8th grade student to make it to State! Not only is he 15 and on a varsity team him and his friends Deonte and Josiah help lead the team just in the game on 10-11-16 he scored 3 touchdowns."

  • Kiara Smith

    Kenmore East

    Kiara is an 11th grade student at Kenmore East in Tonawanda. She participates in volleyball, track and field and basketball! "Kiara plays a sport almost every season and she is good at all of them. She holds her school's pole vaulting record and is currently playing varsity volleyball. Last year she was co-captain of JV volleyball and basketball. Not only is she good at a variety of sports but she is intelligent as well, she maintains a 3.0 GPA. I'm very proud of her and her accomplishments!"

  • Ne'Ari Curry

    Sweethome High School

    Ne'Ari Curry is a 9th student at Sweethome High School! She is a triple threat, participating in cheerleading, track and lacrosse! "Ne'Ari is the captain of the junior varsity cheerleading team. Cheerleading, has been her favorite sport since Lil League. She has been cheerleading since she was 5years old and loves every minute of the sport . Through rain, sleet or snow she has never missed a game or practice.
    Ne'Ari is also a member of the track team and Lacrosse team. She devotes all her free time practicing to continue to be the best athlete she can be on and off the field. Ne'Ari has been complimented by her teachers as being a positive role model and well respected student who strives for excellence. All while maintaining a GPA of 3.3!" Go girl!!!

  • Josiah Harris

    Niagara Falls High School

    Josiah is a 10th grade student at Niagara Falls HS, who plays football! "Always helping teammates , led defense with 15 tackles. Never loses his composure and shows sportsmanship towards opponent."

  • Trent Lecher!!

    Niagara Falls High School

    Trent plays football for Niagara Falls HS! "He goes above and beyond and puts his heart and soul in to the game he has made captain numerous times this season that shows great leader ship and strong character! Football is his life and wears his numbers with pride!" You're the real MVP champ!

  • Trevor Moreland

    Newfane High School

    Trevor is an 11th grade students at Newfane High School, who plays soccer. Trevor is "an awesome leader, he is captain of his team. Has helped lead his team to be undefeated thus far in the season!" Keep being a great leader Trevor!!

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