The largest fast food chain in the world, is officially making a move into the vegan market, starting with their famous nuggets.

The Today Show Reports A rep for the chain said the new chicken-free #McNuggets are made with a mashed potato base that is mixed with chickpeas, onions, carrots and corn, then coated in breadcrumbs until they’re fried crispy,

But the nuggets haven’t made their way to the U.S. just yet. McDonald’s is only testing them out in Norway.

The vegan option is the latest in a series of vegetarian-friendly releases from McDonald’s. Back in January, McDonald’s announced via Instagram that it had added “McFalafel” to its menu in Sweden.

That same month, the chain rolled out a vegan Happy Meal in the UK, which featured a flour tortilla wrap filled with veggies. The wrap, which is available in both kid-friendly and adult versions, contains breaded vegetable tenders.

Back in 2017, McDonald’s offered its first vegan burger called “The McVegan” to the people of Finland. The burger is soy-based and became a permanent menu staple in Finland by the end of the year.

In the U.S., the McDonald’s headquarters eatery in Chicago launched a vegan burger as well this past December, calling it the “McAloo Tikki,” which is one of the chain’s best-selling products from its restaurant menu in India.

The Chicago location actually offers a variety of international menu items not readily found at most McDonald’s locations in the U.S. The McAloo Tikki features a veggie patty that is made from potatoes and peas, topped with red onions, tomato slices and an eggless tomato mayo. Despite many U.S. consumers looking for more vegan options at McDonald’s, the McAloo Tikki hasn’t rolled out anywhere else in America.

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