I have always wondered who the face behind the voice for the infamous "Maybach Music" tag is and how much she must get paid for the simple phrase. I read the exclusive interview with the 26 year old Aussie beauty from Global Grind.

In the interview, she talks about how she was a friend of a friend of Jay-Z's and just happened to be in the studio when Jay & Rick Ross were recording their hit "Maybach Music" a few years ago. Jessica says her and a couple friends were in-studio talking when the rappers complimented their voices and asked to record them.

Who knew their minor exchange would create one of the most famous musical tag-lines known today? Ms. Gomes says she didn't even know her voice was being used on other tracks, let alone every song that MMG is affiliated with.

Get this! She hasn't (and has never)  gotten paid for that! She figured it was just some chance once-in-a-lifetime-type thing  that she could remember as a cool memory.

Global Grind encouraged Jessica to call "The Boss" up and demand that money! I agree! I always thought she would be handsomely rewarded for starting off all those tracks.

Jessica Gomes has been a model for a good amount of time now. Should she consider becoming more voice-focused in her career? Should Ricky sign her?

Read the full article HERE!!

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