Thanksgiving will be cold, rainy, snowy, and potentially dangerous for many in New York State due to a massive, impending snow storm.

Major Blizzard Roars Through Chicago Area
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According to New York Updates, Governor Hochul recently spoke about the storm at a recent event.

ABC 7 says that the storm will bring rain to certain parts of New York State, including the I-95 corridor. Then it may drop lake effect snow on Western New York.

If you are traveling upstate, the Buffalo area could see some significant lake effect snows Wednesday into Thursday. If bands of heavier snow develop, they can also have gusty winds associated with them and even localized near blizzard conditions.


Blizzard Barrels Into Northeastern U.S.
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Buffalo Blizzard Leaves 47 Dead

The massive storm is expected to hit one month before the anniversary of the horrific blizzard of 2022, which left 47 people dead in Erie County.

A study conducted by New York University concluded that Buffalo leadership was not prepared for the storm and did not convey how dangerous and life-threatening it was.

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