Ladies, I’m sure y’all can’t wait until the man of your dreams gets down on that one good knee and pops the magic question. A lot of girls talk about what they would like their proposal to be, but I don’t think any woman would be down for their boo playing dead as part of the proposal. Ironically, this really went down y’all and I don’t know about y’all but homie would have definitely gotten a lil punch in the face for playing with my emotions like that.

According to the New York Post, Shiela Parayanon’s man really wanted to go all out for his boo…literally. Shiela received a call from police informing her boyfriend had been in a terrible motorcycle accident and that things weren’t looking to good so “prepare for the worst.” When sis got to the scene she hopped off the motorcycle and ran over to her boo crying hysterically. He was laying in the middle of the street, and appeared to be dead.

When they turned him over, her sorrow turned to happiness because he pulled out a red box and popped the question to her. Shiela said yes! Instead of planning a funeral, sis will now be planning her dream wedding.

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