A Queens man is filing a lawsuit against the city of New York after correction officers failed to tell him he had a $1 bail, which in the end caused him to spend 5 months on Riker's Island.

According to the NY Daily News Aitabdel Salem was arrested for assaulting a police officer while being arrested for a coat theft incident back in 2014. Check this out his original bail was set at $25,000 but due to the lack of evidence regarding the assault the judge then made the decision for Salem to be released and lowered his bail to $1. Obviously Salem didn't know his bail was lowered to $1, and he failed to post and was put in a jail cell until his next court date.

Now he was asking corrections officers within Riker's to tell him what happened on his court dates but The Lawsuit states "none of the corrections officers told him that he was ordered to be free on Nov 28th 2014 because his bail had been reduced to $1."

I hope this man finds justice because if that was me...listen, somebody has to pay me if I spent 5 months in jail. Not just any jail, Riker's Island!

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