If you had your car parked on Elmwood in the area of West Ferry on Sunday night and your tires were slashed, you weren't alone.

According to a post on Reddit, there were multiple tires slashed in that area last night.

The good news is that someone caught the alleged slasher on a security camera.  The bad news is that it's kind of hard to see much of anything on the video.

The alleged tire slasher is described as a "tall white guy, 6’-6’3”, in a black suit with large black trench coat & bowler hat carrying a large black duffel bag."  They said he was walking quickly and with a purpose.

No one is entirely sure what could have spurred the act but they are guessing that he might be connected with a tire shop.

Obviously if you see something like this happening call the police right away.  The faster the police get the call, the quicker they can respond.

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